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What to expect when securing architectural service

So as to provide a premium level of service to all clients, I follow a proven 3 step process that has worked well during decades of industry related experience.
It requires the client in need of professional architectural services to draft a correspondence (see "Contact" page). In this first correspondence, I ask the potential client to express the scope of their needs and some aspirations for the project (i.e. new construction, addition, remodel, contemporary design, traditional feel, open space, etc...). In return for sharing your detailed expectations, you will be provided a specific proposal including a contract with production schedule and unambiguous fee structure. This is not the only time for input from the proposal will outline all stages of the creative process. Once this foundation of information sharing has been established we will initiate the creative process as follows:

Step 1:
Based on the information you provide, I will create the "Schematic" of the project. This includes the initial plans and elevations, as well as a 3-D movie of your project. To see examples of existing 3-D movies, please visit my "Portfolio" page.

Step 2:
Once the client has recieved the Schematic, we will conduct the "Preliminary Review" of the requested work. This is an opportunity to review the direction and feel of the project and make changes within the scope of work initially agreed upon.

Step 3:
complete set of "sealed" plans or construction documents will be created that can be presented to the local governmental agency with the responsibility of issuing construction permits for your project. All work is developed in a highly efficient 3-D CAD program to produce a full set of hardcopy architectural plans "sealed" and suitable for presentation to the local building department for approval. These also will be used by you to discuss the scope of the project with contractors that might "bid" on your project.

After you express the scope of your project, I will provide you with a proposal. In some cases, potential clients can be accommodated by a qualified draftsman capable of producing competent work. In fact, I could ultimately "seal" the plans you develop directly with such a referred draftsman (remember however that, ALL plans submitted for permitting require the "seal" of a licensed architect).

All of this takes place after you draft a correspondence detailing your needs . I need a good understanding of your vision as well as any time constraints. Expect the total architectural fees to be between 3% and 20% of the total construction expenses.

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